Stewed steak

13/05/2013 16:20

My husband dreamed about stewed steak since he saw it in my nev cook book. It is very yummy meal, it takes time to make it, but result is great!

What you need for 4 people?

- 4 slices beef entercote

- salt

- pepper

- flour to shower meat with

- 1 onion

- 500 - 600 ml buillon 

- 1 tea spoon  tomato puree

- 1 soup spoon lard/oil

- 1 tea spoon flour

- 1 soup spoon cold butter

Salt and pepper slices of meat and shower it with  In large pot, heat the lard. Add the entercote and sear/brown on all sides to seal in the juices and take it out of the pot. Add chopped oninon, once the onion has browned add tomato puree, flour and roast it until light brown. Than return the meat into a pot, reduce heat and stew over medium heat until meat is tender. Add a buillon when necessary. (Can take 1,5 - 2 hours)

Than take meat out of the pot, add salt and pepper into the sauce. Percolade sauce thru colander and add cold butter into sauce. 

You can serve it with mashed potatoes or rice.