Bábovka - Czech Sponge Cake, Gugelhupf cake, Bundt cake

22/04/2013 15:17

It was one of the first warm days this year. Sun was shinning and I decided to bake a Czech Sponge cake for my husband. Do you know what the Sponge cake is? So...some theory as a first.

Sponge cake or you might know the expression Gugelhupf is a big cake, derived from the Groninger Poffert, and has a distinctive ring shape or the shape of a torus. It is usually eaten with coffee, at coffee breaks. Gugelhupf consists of a soft yeast dough which contains raisins, almonds and Kirschwasser cherry brandy. Some also contain candied fruits and nuts. Some regional varieties (Czech, Hungarian and Slovenian) are also filled, often with a layer of sweetened ground poppy seeds.
It is baked in a special circular pan with a central tube, originally made of enamelled pottery. Similar pans are used for making Bundt cakes, a cake baking pan shape in the US derived from the Gugelhupf.

Ready to follow my step by step recipe? :)

What do we need?  

1 pack lightening agent

1 cup oil

vannila sugar

1 cup of groung sugar

2 cups flour

1 cup warm water 

3 eggs

2 tea spoons cocoa 

1 fistfull raisins

lemon peel 


And let´s go to bake it! 

1.) Take eggs and abstract the yelk from egg white as you can see on the picture. 

2.) All of powdery ingredients put into a bowl and mix them. All of them except for sugar need to be layed down as following picture. Why? The flour get more oxygen and  the sponge cake will be airy.

3.) Pell the lemon and put lemon peel and a sip of lemon juice into it. 

4.) Add water and oil and mix it. Gently :) 

5.) Take a egg whites and whip them. You should get a "snow" compact enough to turn the bowl up side down without the accident :) 

6.) Take a circular pan (form), grease it by butter and sprinkle inside by flour

7.) Put 2/3 of dought into form. 

8.) Add 2 teaspoons of cocoa into remaining 1/3 of dought and mix it.

9.) Add a cocoa dought into form.

10.) Put it into the oven, preheated 320 degrees and bake it for 20 minutes. Than increase the temperature to 356 degrees and bake it for another 30 minutes :) 

If you still don´t know, check following pictures to make sure :)