Traditional menu

Garlic soup - Česnečka

17/04/2013 17:20
I call that soup as “fairy tale soup” because it is connected to my favorite fairy tale “The salt better than gold” where the magic grandma taught the princess how to cook the garlic soup. I remember, that the soup smelled throughout TV screen. Garlic soup has very long tradition in the Czech...

Kulajda soup

17/04/2013 17:18
Kulajda soup We don´t have any English word for this soup, I have realized J So it is white, creamy soup. We cook it with potatoes, dill, mushrooms, and eggs. Kulajda came from Southern Bohemian region and it has a lot of local forms. Soup is really thick and this is a reason, why it can be...

Cabbage soup - Zelňačka

17/04/2013 17:07
Zelňačka – cabbage soup Cabbage soup is very typical for Moravian region of Valašsko. That part of the Czech Republic is very hilly, so cabbage was one of not so many kinds of vegetables planted there. Anyway, cabbage is very usual ingredient in the Czech cuisine. Do you need another reason why to...
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