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Let´s create your own Czech Souvenir

12/03/2018 14:06
Do you want to create your own super original souvenir from Czech Republic? Do you want to really use your souvenir, or do you want to bring something cool and oroginal from Czech Republic to your loved ones what you really hand made on your own? Let´s come and create original back pack, which is...


23/04/2015 11:56
"Don´t you belive in low fat, you Czechs", this was a question I´ve got one day from one of my dear cooking class guests. We do :). And here is a proof of evidence! Look at my breakfast, yogurt made by local farmer, fruit salad a orange fresh juice. See we also know, what fruit and vegetable mean,...

Herb garden getting ready for upcoming season 2015

20/04/2015 18:05
Here is our little, private herb garden! So we will get our herbs always fresh for our cooking! 

Stewed steak

13/05/2013 16:20
My husband dreamed about stewed steak since he saw it in my nev cook book. It is very yummy meal, it takes time to make it, but result is great! What you need for 4 people? - 4 slices beef entercote - salt - pepper - flour to shower meat with - 1 onion - 500 - 600 ml buillon  - 1 tea spoon...

Bábovka - Czech Sponge Cake, Gugelhupf cake, Bundt cake

22/04/2013 15:17
It was one of the first warm days this year. Sun was shinning and I decided to bake a Czech Sponge cake for my husband. Do you know what the Sponge cake is? So...some theory as a first. Sponge cake or you might know the expression Gugelhupf is a big cake, derived from the Groninger Poffert, and has...

Ham Flakes – Šunkofleky

17/04/2013 17:42
It is not a fancy food, so you can´t get it in the restaurant. So maybe this is a reason, why you don´t know it. But anyway, šunkofleky is very liked meal. And we cook it very often at home. I remember, it was my favorite meal when I was at school. But the reason for that was maybe pickled cucumber...

Stuffed paprika with tomato sauce - Plněná paprika

17/04/2013 17:41
Stuffed paprika is a typical Czech specialty. It contains two very popular things. Tomato sauce, which is delicious sweet and sour goodie and the second fantastic thing about that is the stuffed paprika itself. Paprika is stuffed by minced meet, what is nicely spiced by garlic, onion and various...

Potato pancakes - Bramboráky

17/04/2013 17:40
This is a dish which is regularly served at Czech homes. It has a lot of variations. Some people eat it with sauerkraut, some people eat it with meat and some people eat it by itself. You can eat it hot what is very crispy. But some people, me for example, like it cold from a fridge. It is cooked...

Beef fillet - Španělský ptáček

17/04/2013 17:39
It´s funny, that original name of that dish is Spanish bird, but it doesn´t have anything to do with Spain and birds at all. The name came from the Spanish cooks who prepared food for emperor of the Czech kingdom, Rudolph II. in the 16 th century. And this is a reason, why it was understood as...

Schnitzel with potato salad - Řízek

17/04/2013 17:35
Have you ever heard about Czech Schnitzel, what we take with us everywhere we go for vacation? J This is famous Czech Schnitzel. Surprisingly, schnitzel came from Italy at the end of 19 th century and was brought by Josef Vaclav Radecky, who was famous army leader. Than the schnitzel became to be...
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