Let´s have a look how to cook!

Join us for a private home cooking class in Prague where you will learn more about the Czech people, culture, and food than you ever thought possible in just one afternoon or evening.

Our culinary hands-on home cooking classes provide a fascinating insight into Czech life, beliefs, and culture through learning about its food, cooking, and culinary traditions..

Hi, my name is Tereza. I´m 33 years old married woman who loves cooking. I graduated a colledge of tourism 10 years ago and since that time I have been working as a private tour guide. This was the reason why I have decided to start with private cooking classes to present not only history and culture of the Czech Republic, but meals and the eating culture as well. 

News from our kitchen


23/04/2015 11:56
"Don´t you belive in low fat, you Czechs", this was a question I´ve got one day from one of my dear cooking class guests. We do :). And here is a proof of evidence! Look at my breakfast, yogurt made by local farmer, fruit salad a orange fresh juice. See we also know, what fruit and vegetable mean,...

Herb garden getting ready for upcoming season 2015

20/04/2015 18:05
Here is our little, private herb garden! So we will get our herbs always fresh for our cooking!